Excerpt from the protocol of a meeting held by А. Hitler: a report by Chief of Staff of the Wehrmacht High Command of the Army F. Halder about the planned operation in the East

5 December 1940
Russian State Military Archive
coll. 1280k, ser. 2, fold. 26, ff. 5–6.

Copy. In German

‘The main attack force should advance from the Warsaw area in the direction of Moscow. Of the three envisaged army groups, the northern group would move towards Leningrad, the central group would pass through Minsk towards Smolensk, and the southern group would concentrate its attack on Kiev. With regard to the latter, one army would advance from the Lublin area, a second from the Lemberg area, and a third from Romania. The final target of the entire operation shall be the Volga and the territory around Arkhangelsk. In all, 105 infantry and 32 tank and motorized divisions shall take part; a considerable part of them (2 armies) would initially constitute the second echelon.’