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Excerpt from the German Foreign Ministry’s digest Secret Documents of the French General Staff: note by Chief of the French Army Staff M. Gamelin about the destruction of Soviet oilfields in the Caucasus

22 February 1940
Russian State Military Archive
Coll. 1357k, ser. 3, fold. 163, ff. 106–108.

Press proof. In French

‘The activities of the allies against the Russian oil fields in the Caucasus may be aimed at depriving Germany of petroleum that it is currently receiving from this region or at depriving Russia of the raw materials it needs for its economy so as to destabilise the Soviet regime. This would achieve two goals at once, as Germany would be defeated, too, if it lacked Russian fuel. There are three possible ways of attaining these targets: attacking fuel tankers on their way to the Reich from the Black Sea; attacking the main centres of the petroleum industry in the Caucasus; or provoking a revolt among the Muslim population.’