Excerpt from the protocol of a meeting between А. Hitler and the Wehrmacht command for discussing ‘Plan Oldenburg’

29 April 1941
State Archives of the Russian Federation
coll. R‑7445, ser. 2, fold. 145, ff. 118–126.

Copy. In German

‘The Oldenburg Special Economic Staff headed by Lieutenant General Schubert […] shall answer to the ­Reichsmarschall and the Chief Economic Staff. The following territorial agencies shall be subordinated to it: 5 economic inspections, 23 economic teams, and 12 branches located at key points in the areas of activity of the economic teams. These agencies shall operate in the rear of the armies. In the area of activity of each army group, an ­economic inspection shall be set up at the rear headquarters of the army group; it shall organise the economic exploitation of the territory.’